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Whether air pollution can change the human genome?

Published:2013-01-22 17:04 Click:wait for……
Beginning from the 13th Beijing pollution in this haze throughout the country process is particularly serious. The city generally heavy pollution levels for a long period of time, that is the highest level of pollution. To 19 hours, six eva
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Whether air pollution can change the human genome?
    Beginning from the 13th Beijing pollution in this haze throughout the country process is particularly serious. The city generally heavy pollution levels for a long period of time, that is the highest level of pollution. To 19 hours, six evaluation sites, air quality index the burst table, reached the 500 limit.
    From the real-time concentration of PM2.5, the highest part of the site at night or even more than 900 micrograms. 12 sites of the city for more than 11 severe pollution. Beijing yesterday, is particularly serious pollution, PM2.5 concentration data is gradually released in the last year, the most serious pollution process.
    I remember some scientist has pointed out proactively: exhaust air to be able to change the human gene.
    Some scientists in Europe and the United States has been the cause of the secret study infants geek, after repeated and careful argument, the freak phenomenon is caused by a genetic mutation - that simple chemical fumes from automobile exhaust emissions, is caused by vehicle emissions a pregnant woman born children are freaks!
    Previously, many experts believe that some small mutations do not cause disease. However, according to accurately simulate the impact of the mutation of the people, the scientists found that this mutation after mutation of the great hazards to human beings, and may have a replica of those about to become extinct creatures.
    The medical profession in the past that the mutation did not reach the trigger level of disease, we do not care about these small changes, so we all think that this small mutations will not have any impact on the biosphere and the human, but the study found kinds of harmful mutations after a long period of accumulation, it will seriously affect human evolution.
    For a long time, we have underestimated the threat of pollution caused by exhaust and chemical fumes gene mutation, despite the pollution caused by gene mutation does not immediately lead to the disease, but they are growing their own generations of human genetic causing human infertility or offspring mutate, and ultimately destroy the entire human race.
    Automobile exhaust and emissions of air pollution can cause genetic changes in human cancer hazards planted in infancy. Emissions in the so-called "small particles can be spread through the air very far away, people will seriously harm the lungs inhaled during respiration. Mice exposed to a similar air pollutants, the probability of gene mutation is significantly improved.
    That is to say - this is a great "Gene Revolution": quantitative accumulated to a certain degree, once break through the critical point, it will lead to an irreversible qualitative change in the gene.
"Gene Revolution" is a universal unprecedented movement - everyone in the manufacture of exhaust, everyone in the inhalation of exhaust gas, and everyone involved in this revolution, everyone is this revolution of "benefit persons. "
    Real-time data of the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Monitoring Center shocking. Yesterday 12 urban environment evaluation point, 10 sites for six serious pollution, a site five heavily polluted. There, three site air quality index of most upper limit of 500.
This fog plagues can be described as rich ingredients - PM2 .5 mainly from motor vehicle exhausts, fuel dust, sulfates, catering oil soot, the building cement dust, soot, and nitrate, etc. ... the complex atmosphere combined pollution era has come.
    The population storms, dust storms, the car bursts, three storms will threaten Beijing. The air eleven industrial air pollution; the river eleven industrial wastewater; urban pollution; the soil grain eleven chemical fertilizer and pesticide pollution ... human internal organs, is the treatment of contaminated waste purification plant and processing field "larger, urban , air pollution more health index declined faster the person's life may be shorter and shorter, the human body may become grotesque, human self-demise
    Why? Our business is essentially a "multifunctional complex enterprise unique in this world. The dairy plant is actually a chemical plant; pharmaceutical factory shoe factory; bread shop dye shop; pot shop paraffin processing plants ... This is how great "Gene Revolution" Yeah!
    The original "Gene Revolution" is so simple, rather than we imagined how complicated it is sweetness and light silently, there are changes strange extremely.
    The most notable feature of the "Gene Revolution", that is, so that people have to be involved, guard, or very hard to and real ones surprise move, so that people mistakenly thought it was some unfortunate accident, this is the most dangerous and the most terrible, this "gene revolution" to be a million times more than nuclear war.
    The origin of the "Gene Revolution" is that the Prime Minister said that is not the general manager have the final say - my enterprise, I can not interfere with your government, a problem enterprise fell down, ten million problems enterprises stand up, it is said is called market economy true meaning.
    The development of reform and opening up the economy is a good thing, but not the cost of the damage to the environment. The burst table "happening of air pollution, industrial blind development and the inevitable result of the population explosion!
    Beijing should do well long-term urban planning, should remove the function of the regional economic center, production-oriented enterprises relocation. Retaining only the politics, culture and the arts, and commerce functions, also the ancient capital of the original harmony and tranquility.
    Because our market, so we have to at all costs, and the pursuit of profit maximization? For the money, we must abandon all the principles of human conscience and morality, but the outcome may be very wonderful. According to news reports, more than six feet baby was born - Is this the new variant of the human? A new generation of insect-type?
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